ERCOT issues call for voluntary conservation Monday

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas issued a call for voluntary conservation as low power reserves are projected.

Due to the possibility of an energy emergency brought on by the extreme heat

the manager of Texas' electric grid has requested that everyone use less electricity today.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas released a watch at 9 p.m. noting that it had predicted an energy reserve shortage on Monday "with no market solution available."

The watch is a warning before a "energy emergency alert

which is a more serious alert indicating ERCOT might order operations to shut down or be limited at large scale electric users like manufacturing facilities or big box stores

ERCOT stopped short of indicating power might be cut off and said that "no system-wide outages are expected

The tightest hour will be between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. during which ERCOT is predicting that wind energy will only be producing at roughly 8% of its capacity.