Bitwells Exchange Launches 777 BTC Giveaway for Derivatives Traders

Leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Bitwells has introduced a 100 percent deposit match for new signups

Traders that deposit up to 10 BTC will receive a similar bonus amount from the programme

For the promotion, a total of 777 BTC have been set up in a financing pool.

A trader who deposits the maximum of 10 BTC will receive 20 BTC, whilst a user who deposits 1 BTC would receive a total of 2 BTC credited to their account

The Bitwells Exchange's offer is the most generous marketing campaign of its kind in the sector

How It Works

During a time when Bitcoin is trading at USD 20,000, a trader might open a long contract with 1 BTC

They would be able to open a contract worth 100 BTC if they chose to employ 100x leverage.

The profit would be (25,000 - 20,000) * 100 / 25,000 = 20 BTC, yielding a ROI of 2,000 percent, if the price of bitcoin rose to USD 25,000